Saturday, January 15, 2005

Remember 'Not One Damn Dime Day' + Push for Dean!

...on the day of the inauguration, Thursday, Jan. 20th, BUY NOTHING! Join the campaign, gas up your car, do your food shopping the day before, etc. I am allowing myself my daily cup of coffee at my local cafe and that's it (hey some things are too cruel...) Lest you think it's a rather futile undertaking, think again. A one-day dent in the stock market will show that even if you can steal an election, 53 million pissed-off people are nothing to be sneezed at. The Wall Street thieves who want to loot social security will get the message. We are now taking pages from the Eastern European velvet revolution model, which through peaceful means such as work stoppages, boycotts, and other mass actions showed governments that, no matter what they think, true power ultimately resides with the people. It's catching on, spread it

Book coming along, thanks for your continued visits despite scaled back posts.

Howard Dean for DNC chair! He's our only chance for a real opposition party. The internal battle is between Democratic corporate lobbyists and lawyers who don't really care who's president as long as their Beamers are safe, and the rest of us. The Boston Globe's Peter Canellos, another mealy-mouth center-right triangulator, parrots their usual line:

"At the same time, Dean's tactics -- Internet organizing and fund-raising, staged protests, sloganeering -- come uncomfortably close to those of the political fringe."

This from a guy who doesn't know his asshole from his elbow. The translation is anything we don't like or don't understand is "fringe." So they keep right on doing what they do best: losing elections. Okay, forget Dean. Common sense says when something isn't working you try something else. Playing nice with the Neocons doesn't work. "But Clinton won!" Actually, he's most responsible of all for this mess, when he decided that moving the party to the right on economic issues was good for Bill Clinton. Problem is it wasn't good for the rest of us. Push for Dean! Go to the DNC blog and cut loose with a comment (light registration required). Thank you center-right triangulators. You're so good at politics you're about to cost us social security (ouch! My keyboard is smoking...)

Your uplifting reading for the day. Saints walk among us, and it ain't Pat Robertson. The Topos traveled at their own expense from their hometown in Mexico to help find bodies from the Tsunami, as unpaid volunteers.

Lookit lookit! Got a letter published in Boston publication The Weekly Dig, a funny alternative local..."The Plame Game" (yes my real name is Ralph Lopez.)


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