Friday, December 17, 2004

Democrats blame Moore

Some Democrats were on C-SPAN recently actually blaming Michael Moore for the loss in this election, a sign they have learned absolutely nothing. So I posted the following on the DNC blog, you can post something too it's at

"Just wanted to protest the Democrats who were on C-SPAN actually blaming Michael Moore for their loss. These are the kind of unreflective centrist losers who are have given us 4 more years of GWB, the Terry McAuliffes, etc., and I hope that they are purged from the party leadership. It is the job of an "opposition" party to bring up inconvenient facts like Moore does and to respond to them with outrage and passion. Go Howard Dean! I worked for the Dems this time around because I so badly wanted to get rid of Bush, and as a grassroots worker I would like to stay involved. But if these corporate robots who have learned nothing keep control, I'll be out on the streets organizing for the Greens."

Air America progressive talk radio hits Boston

The Al Franken station at 1430 AM, all day and all night. You are in for a pleasant surprise, real debate! Real issues! Funny! I haven't listened to AM radio in decades but I'm hooked again, finding myself running home from work to listen to Air America.


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