Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Where the anger belongs

I don't blame red-staters anymore. I blame John Kerry and the Democrats who to this day play dead before the Neocon onslaught. Bush brazenly announces he will purge the CIA of all dissenters, ie. anyone who doesn't tell him what he wants to hear. This puts us all in grave danger. It's the brazeness that's scariest: this is the kind of thing a president used to have to do in secret.

Where are our congressmen; why aren't they screaming? They may not have a vote on it, but they certainly have a say, as over anything on national policy. I believe things will not change until credible primary challenges are brought against congressmen who think their jobs are secure for life.

The Constitution charges representatives with representing. It doesn't say we elect you to 'foster unity with the party that is against my interest.' If you don't "represent," then get out. One thing I hand to the right-wingers, they have their representatives shaking in their shoes. Not only do they call to tell them to scream about something they care about, they call to tell them they aren't screaming loud enough. This is where it starts. This is where we begin to end the Era of George Bush. This is where the anger belongs. By making life hell for these silver-haired blowhards. For my Cambridge locals: Congressman Mike Capuano: (202) 225-5111. John Kerry: (202) 224-2742. Ted Kennedy: 202/224-4543. Put the numbers on your refrigerator. The Right does.

Vote Count Update from DemocracyNow

"President Bush nominated Condoleeza Rice yesterday as he continues to reshape his Cabinet for his second four-year term. But, controversy
continues to rage over the fairness of the November 2 presidential
election. Stories are still emerging from states like Ohio, Florida, North
Carolina and New Mexico of widespread problems with vote counting, voter suppression and malfunctions of electronic voting machines. Now three candidates in the 2004 presidential race are demanding recounts. And not one of them is John Kerry..." GO TO DEMOCRACYNOW.ORG ARTICLE.


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