Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Buy Blue

Since we know this is now total war against some of the nastiest, most self-righteous, most hypocritical right-wing nuts the world has ever seen, it's only fair that we be able to protest with our dollars. Now they are acting as if people are trying to stop them from saying "Merry Christmas" to each other. Huh? A new websites tells you which companies contribute heavily to the Republican party and what products they sell, and which companies have true values. As the website says, "If each American who voted "Blue" in 2004 spends $100 in 2005 on products of a corporation that by reason of its employees' or connected political action committees' political contributions supported "Blue" over "Red," $5 billion in revenues would be shifted to "Blue" supporting corporations! This will be noticed! Choose where you buy ... and make a difference!!!"

The website is www.choosetheblue.com The next time you hear Bush and it makes you want to throw something at the television, take a breath, go to Polis and click on this link, and study the website. Undirected anger will get us nowhere!

Be relentless

Ohio officials are playing games with the recount, keep the heat up on your congressperson. They are hoping we'll just shut up and go away. Latest news on the recount here. For the time-challenged, a nifty tool that automatically fills-in who your representatives are (once you enter your zip code) and sends a message to them in a few clicks is here. Forget the media which is not covering this; it's your congressman's job to force this into the media.


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