Thursday, November 18, 2004

Call your congressmen

Here's the best place to start practicing your new hell-raising skills with your representatives. The Right will not out-hell-raise us. See phone numbers in previous post if you are in Cambridge, otherwise look them up, fer Chrissakes. Post them on the fridge; they'll be getting a lot of use. Tell 'em Polis sent you.

Attorneys for Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb and
Libertarian Michael Badnarik have sent letters to each Ohio county election
director asking them to begin preparations immediately for the recount of
the presidential vote. Although a demand for a recount is usually not made until after the vote has been certified, there are concerns that waiting that long
would not allow enough time for the recount to be completed before the Ohio
presidential electors meet on December 13 in Columbus. The Ohio Secretary
of State's office has told the press that certification of the vote would
occur around December 6, allowing only a handful of days for a full recount
prior to the December 13 meeting. In letters dated November 17 and sent by overnight delivery, Cobb and Badnarik's attorneys say that "{s}uch a timeframe will not allow for a meaningful recount and will undermine our clients' rights under
applicable law, including Ohio recount law." Cobb and Badnarik will file
the recount demand jointly. For more info.


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