Saturday, December 04, 2004

Firebombing Falluja

The book is coming along well, please stand-by and I'll start excerpting it soon. In the meantime consider this blog as your source for breaking news that the media chooses not to report, this one is big as members of British Parliament are raking Blair over the coals over it, if the savvy and no-bullshit Brits can get Tony to resign than Bush starts looking a lot more vulnerable to impeachment...

Firebombing Falluja

by Mike Whitney Z Net
December 1, 2004 The United States is using napalm in Falluja. So far, the military has denied the allegations, but the proof is mounting. On Nov. 28 The Daily Mirror’s political editor, Paul Gilfeather filed a report stating: “US troops are secretly using outlawed napalm gas to wipe out remaining insurgents in and around Fallujah. News that President George W. Bush has sanctioned the use of napalm, a deadly cocktail of polystyrene and jet fuel banned by the United Nations in 1980, will stun governments around the world.” For over a week rumors have circulated in the Arab press that both napalm and other chemical weapons were used mainly in the Jolan district of Falluja, a major area of the fighting. Now, despite a US media blackout, more evidence is leaking out and causing a furor in the British Parliament. As Gilfeather reports: “Last night Tony Blair was dragged into the row as furious Labour MPs demanded he face the Commons over it. Reports claim that innocent civilians have died in napalm attacks, which turn victims into human fireballs as the gel bonds flames to flesh." MORE...


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