Friday, November 12, 2004

Barking up the wrong tree

Am working on a book about this election, so please stay tuned. Posts will be a little less frequent as a result, but they will be regular. Won't speak unless I have something to say, probably a good general policy in life anyway.

The work going forward on investigating the vote is important, but folks are missing the main point: the Democrats had 4 years to fix it, to make sure 2000 never happened again, but they didn't. Reporters should be asking: Why? If the "other party" can't even insure that its voters are counted, why does it even exist? The platform means less than nothing if the other guys can always cheat. Where was the "Lion of the Left," Ted Kennedy, for 4 years? Tom Daschle? Nancy Pelosi? You'll forgive me that I'm not crying that Daschle is gone. The new blood, new Democratic challengers, need a chance.

Counting votes is the single most basic function of a democracy. Nothing else works if that doesn't.


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