Monday, May 29, 2006

Robert Fisk is a photographer who regularly puts his own life at dire risk to bring us the truth of war. And the truth of war is that war is ugly. Every Iraqi child is as precious as any of ours, and when civilians die it doesn't matter if it's an accident. If you know for every combatant killed, civilians will inevitably be killed too, then you're responsible for the killing. Which is why it is obscene beyond comprehension that, unprovoked, we started bombing this barefoot Third World country.

A fave right-wing talking point is that Saddam broke a UN resolution and that's that, but if we went by this criteria we would have bombed Tel Aviv years ago. I think at last count various Israeli governments have broken, like, 164 of them.

I direct you to these in pictures in the firm belief that most of my fellow citizens are not monsters, and would stop what is being done in their name in Iraq if they knew the truth outside the sterile, tidy world of FOX NEWS. The Lancet Report concludes that most of civilian casualties in Iraq, contrary to popular belief, are not due to suicide bombs, but from aerial bombardment.

War is a disgusting business, and no one hates it like soldiers. But while on active duty, in BushLand, soldiers can get court-martialed for saying "Bush is mo military leader." On Memorial Day, in addition to getting good and likkered up at my friend's barbeque next door, I devote this blog to remembering all civilians hurt and all our troops hurt in the Iraq Occupation, and exhort you all to speak out against it, because our boys couldn't speak for themselves under threat of jail by the guy who really should be in jail as a war criminal, George W. Bush. How's that drive coming, George?



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