Friday, April 28, 2006

Keep a Close Eye on the Psycho

So it looks like we're going to win elections in November and maybe take control of the House. The question remains, Can we wait that long? By then Bush's terrorist incubator in Iraq will have produced results: another attack on America. If Bush bombs Iran, they have guaranteed, as is their right, retaliation. Since they can't really fly over here and bomb us back, Iran has promised us 40,000 suicide bombers, in waves, to hit us anywhere they can. Thanks, George.

The work to be done between now and November is to make good and goddamned sure that, if this happens, the connection is solid and blame gets pinned where it belongs: at the feet of George Bush's Excellent Adventure in Iraq. The best trained and cunning of al-Zarqawi's boys that we have produced, and the cream of the Revolutionary Guard, will come over the border from Canada and Mexico with a few losses but there's no way to catch all of them. Bush got to land on an aircraft carrier and play dress-up, got to strut around with a sock rolled up in his codpiece even though he's never heard a shot fired in anger, and he ran the other way when he had the chance to put on combat gear for real.

Right, this kind of talk demoralizes the troops, so shut up. Except 72% of the troops want out of Iraq like, yesterday. I have a feeling these Fighting Dem vet congressional candidates aren't going to do a John Kerry and roll over when attacked on their patriotism, which is the only attack the right-wingers have left. No damned people who follow a damned right-wing draft-dodger are going to question my patriotism! - I want to hear in a Fox News soundbite.

From now until November it has to be made perfectly clear that this post-9/11 pretension to unlimited executive power, from locking up American citizens and putting them through military tribunals, to power to snoop without check or audit, is about to be nipped in the bud. The symmetrical, shining beauty of declaring a war without end that puts the president outside the Constitution is clear for all to see. It's like the perfect Catch-22 in Joe Heller's savage WW II novel. The only way you can get out of flying more missions is if you are crazy. But if you ask to not fly more missions, because you might die, that is rational and means you must not be crazy.

We can lock you up without a trial for as long as we have the war on terror. How long will the war on terror be? Until I say there is no more war on terror.

If we can make it to November without an attack to scare the sheep among us into giving up the rest of our rights, we stand a good chance of putting the country back on track of finding and obliterating Al Qaeda, stabilizing Afghanistan, saving pensions, making college affordable, and once and for all getting going on the real emergency: global warming. The polar bears are fucking DROWNING, dude. What is it that you don't understand?

That's why this is such a dangerous time. Bush is history, and he knows it. He must be working overtime putting in calls to bin Laden to get him to bail his ass out again, so he can finish his power grab at the Constitution, and make the Constitution history before he is. Before the people decide the Decider has got to go. It's his only chance. Then he can start locking up the pissants who ask embarassing questions and hoist him in effigy, so he can get through his prime years without jail, or being committed as a certified psychotic. What do you need, Osama? Here, I'll bomb the shit out of Iran for you. Will that give you what you need to attack me? Let me feel the love.


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