Sunday, April 02, 2006

We were right goddammit!

Time Magazine Gets the Global Warming Down...Not much to say here, except I, and the patriots at the Battle of Seattle 1999, told you so. In my book "American Dream" I said: "what is it that people don't understand?"

Even old Al Gore, Al Bore, is gittin the religion. Actually I like some of the shit Al has said lately. Even though Al shafted the Kyoto Treaty for GM, maybe there is such a thing as coming around to your better self. Old Hit Man and character assassin Al, who opened up his debate with Ross Perot in 1992 with a tidbit that Perot stood to gain financially from opposing NAFTA. Not that I ever really liked Perot, but I kind of wanted to hear about how NAFTA was good or bad for America.

Hell, America is all about sinners, and Americans love nothing more than a repentant sinner. Better late than never, Al.

Dude, the polar bears are fucking DROWNING. Global warming isn't coming. IT'S HERE....Time cover.


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