Saturday, April 15, 2006

Breaking news corner

Breaking on Air America...soldiers in Iraq "can get into trouble for even making a joke about Bush" says comedienne Kathy Grifffin recounting her performance in Kuwait before American troops...(also see Command Sgt.-Major Charles Carlson II, soldier court-martialed for saying "Bush is no military leader")...soldiers look mostly like "teenagers" is first thing Kathy notices of audience...Republicans, is this the kind of democracy we are fighting for?...on AAR "Politically Direct" show hosted by David Bender..Sat. Apr 15, 10:15 pm


Anonymous said...

The notion of American soldiers in Iraq getting "in trouble" for even making a joke about Bush reminds me of like getting "in trouble" in Afghanistan for not being a Muslim, (i.e. the Christian convert from Islam who recently just missed being executed for holding a belief "out of sync" with "the Powers that Be". Since when is "Hail to the Chief" "Allah is Great"? Isn't it "know the enemy" not "become the enemy". "True Believers" do not a Democracy make.

9:05 PM  

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