Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Congress toll-free numbers

CCTV, tonight's show recap: Tell Democrats to "Lewinski the Valerie Plame issue" before we lose the filibuster and the Arctic Refuge. We will lose it all unless these spineless clowns fight back.

Your senators and congressmen, toll-free numbers connecting all offices:

Cambridge congressmen and senators:

Mike Capuano: (202) 225-5111.
John Kerry: (202) 224-2742.
Ted Kennedy: 202/224-4543.


Blogger Goldpost said...

Passing on additional material timely and important for congressmen/woman to hear from constituents for a liveable present and future!
From the Friends, publishers of PEACE WORKS newsletter monthly, "PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS" Tell them that at the Non-Proliferation Conference (which convenes on May 2) you expect our government to honor the treaty. You want your leaders to practice restraint, show wisdom, and bring our nationa back from the brink of nuclear escalation. Nuclear weapons are never acceptable.
They suggest writing Rep. Capuano, Sen. Kerry, and Sen. Kennedy, and President Bush

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