Sunday, March 04, 2007

Deadly Procrastination

I'm pissed cuz I'm not getting paid for this, and I should be studying for my CCNA (the Cisco mother of a test.) But you guys cannot design legislation enough to fight your way out of a wet paper bag, so We the People will show you, AGAIN, how to do your $150,000 a year jobs (not including great bennies.)

The Real War on Terror and Iraq Troop Support Act (or something like this, real cornball, but the Republicans do it) must meet 3 requirements:

- It must have TEETH. That means cutting funding. The Democrats know full well that Bush cannot be "shamed" into anything, and the new tack of having him sign "waivers" is the biggest horse's ass idea to come out of the party in a long time. The man has no shame. That's why we're in Iraq in the first place.

-It must meet the troops' needs as they redeploy out of Iraq and into Afghanistan, and home.

-It must put regional diplomacy first, so people who speak the language will want to rat-out the terror cells, because the United States got off its high horse and said I'm sorry about a few things. We can't find them by ourselves, because they all look and sound alike to us.

Re-draft the Iraq War Powers resolution to revoke the authorization to make war in Iraq, and to order the president to start drawing down manpower. Back it up by cutting money for everything except force protection. If he does not, then he will be clearly outlaw in the eyes of most of the American people, and proceedings can begin for his impeachment.

The Democrats are just pretending to not know what to do. If they wanted to immunize themselves from "not supporting the troops" by cutting off money for the war, they'd word the resolution to say "full funding for troops in the field, with further authorization required for increases in overall manpower." Duh.

They would also say to the Republicans: You want to go there? Each week we'll Swift Boat you on:

-Hillbilly armor

-360 tons of lost HMX explosives

-Veterans benefits

Want to argue about who didn't support the troops?

The Democrats know what to do, but it's easier to sit on your fat ass collecting your pay than drawing fire from the right wing nut-jobs they'll be sending your way when they see you are WINNING, who'll probably be waiting outside your office with a loaded gun for a potshot at you. Tough shit. Let them taste a tiny fraction of what our boys face every minute of every day in Iraq. It'll smack some sense into them.

Jack Murtha and Jim Webb are on the right track, but the Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi-dick-around gang keeps covering ass for the "members" who are "hesitant" to be "perceived" as "not supporting the troops." Excuse me while I heave. Every day wasted on the "waiver" idea is another day another family somewhere will get that dreaded knock on the door, by men in spiffy uniforms. Yesterday: Sgt. Chad Allen Toll free numbers for all congressmen:
(800) 862-5530 or (800) 833-6354 Or e-mail this post to them!


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