Sunday, February 18, 2007

Anyone Say Nice Shot?

Looks like the Democrats are finally getting it, that they can just change the War Powers Resolution that they gave Bush in the first place, and it is a pile of steaming crap that the commander-in-chief has sole authority in a war. I wrote it back on January 8th, and emailed it to all those assholes. Better late than never.

The Constitution is clear and unambiguous on one point: Only the Congress can declare war. Therefore, Congress can undeclare war. In addition, Article One and Article Two of the Constitution delegate respective powers during a war. So not only is re-drafting the resolution the only way to rein in a recalcitrant executive branch. It would even pass legal muster.

Anyway, I just wanted to take credit. And Jim, you can contact me about that response to the state of the union speech. I figure that's good for a consulting fee. You said: "Not one step back from the war against international terrorism...But an immediate shift toward strong regionally-based diplomacy."

Now haven't I been saying that we should apologize to Iran for how we screwed them over under the Shah, and ask them step up to the plate in Iraq?

They're supplying the Shiites with bombs? You mean to tell me if some invader from across the sea took over my next door neighbor, and we are all related back through a thousand years when Iran was the Persian empire, and I'm not going to send him bombs? And I think I'm next? You must be kidding me. Only Americans expect people to be good and hold still while we bomb them.

Iran has the key. They're all cousins.

OK Jim, I'll just take a beer at some good bar in DC. You don't gotta pay me. Even if I gave you the idea, no one could have delivered it as perfectly and beautifully as you did. That's why you're the senator, and me just a writer. Cheers.


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