Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Senator Hands Bush His Ass at Reception, Pelosi Democrats Faint at the Sight of Blood

Here's what happened, since media reports aren't giving an accurate picture. Newly-elected senator Jim Webb was at a White House reception for new senators and he purposely avoided the receiving line, because he did not want his picture taken with Bush. Bush tracked down Webb, a veteran with a son in Iraq, later in the party anyway. He chummed up to Webb in that frat boy way of his and asked: "How's your boy?" Webb said: "I'd like to get them out of Iraq," to which Bush replies, "that's not what I asked." Then Webb says: "How my boy is, is between my boy and me."

Poor George. He doesn't get the answer he wants so he gets testy. "That's not what I asked." Bush could have improvised and said well we all want them to come home, and left it. But no. He gets mad at Webb for not kissing his ass. True to form, the Pelosi Democrats are taking Bush's side. Bush can't fathom how a father might not be in the mood for happy talk not knowing if his son might be laying wounded at that very moment. And knowing that the man who put him in harm's way is standing right in front of him.

Webb didn't ask to talk to Bush. Bush came to him. These moments are important because it's the beginning of saying the emperor has no clothes. If only we had a way to sweep these "impeachment is off the table" Pelosi clowns out and replace them with a hundred Jim Webbs, not one more 22-year-old just starting out in life would have to die in a civil war where both sides hate us. America would be safer, and the war on terror would be well on its way toward being won.

Here's the difference between the Harry Reids-Rahm Emmanuels-Joe Bidens of the Democratic party, and Jim Webb: Jim Webb is a MAN. You could think a horse is pretty much a horse, until you stand a thoroughbred racer next to an old nag. Then the difference becomes painfully apparent. The slick politicos of the Democratic party are going to start looking like what they are standing next to blunt straight-talkers like Webb. And the sooner the American public sees the difference, the better.


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