Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ho hum why can't these Democrats fight? What's worse, a botched joke or a botched war?

First of all, Kerry never should have apologized except to say he's sorry for Republicans continuing to twist his meaning and and therefore continuing to insult the troops in a way he never meant. That said, a party that knew how to fight would OVERNIGHT crank up ads reminding voters of the 360 tons of high explosives in Iraq lost by the Bush administration which are being used against our troops to this very day, of hillbilly armor, and of Dubai ports, until people barely remember that it was a botched joke that started the whole thing.

Announcer: "Republicans are attacking John Kerry for flubbing a joke...a mistake which has cost no soldier his life or has made the nation less secure, BUT..."

I'm not writing the rest, it should be clear in the mind of any half-competent consultant ninconpoop in Rahm Emmanuel's office, and they're getting paid and I'm not.

Many Democrats have already scattered and joined the chorus against Kerry, which only lends credence to the Republican distortion. You don't have to campaign with the guy, but why reinforce the false talking points of the enemy? This is a time to close ranks. Kerry's initial refusal to apologize was excellent. But if he were a battlefield commander he'd call a halt in mid-charge leaving everyone confused and wondering what to do just as the bullets were flying thickest.

Last, remember when Rudy Guiliani actually DID blame the troops for our problems in Iraq? My God what the Republicans would have done with that one had the shoe been on the other foot. I haven't seen a single attack using that.

Blunt the Republican attack, use it as a hook for your own issue, pour fire into the opening. Come alive down there the general's watching! Over!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ralph Lopez is a spammer. Perhaps he finds a need to send his unsolicited screed to Green Party listservs because Democrats will not listen?

10:12 AM  
Blogger Polis said...

this must be je'mais vous from Loiusiana Greens. what's up? didn't you get my last mail responding to that charge? anyway if I'm a spammer hey I've been called a lot worse!

5:39 PM  

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