Friday, January 27, 2006

The filibuster thread

Folks: the Democrats cave and they cave, then say, if we don't cave, it might hurt us in 2006. This is the Democratic leadership whose "caving-in" strategy gave us 4 more years of George Bush. John Kerry has done a brave thing if he succeeds in mounting this filibuster. Sam Alito will uphold the president's power to to declare any of us "enemy combatant", to listen in on anyone anytime, all based on arguments as fantastically ridiculous as 'if we talk about the NSA program, the terrorists will know we're listening to them.' As if they didn't know already.

Alito is neither conservative or liberal. He is a far-right ideologue who will blindly rubber-stamp the president's power to do absolutely anything. Even if this filibuster does not ultimately succeed in blocking Alito, it will raise the stakes in this unprecedented power-grab, Bush's coup on the Constitution. The war on terror will NEVER END; that's the beauty of claiming EXTRAORDINARY WARTIME POWERS! A vote against the filibuster is a "yes" for Alito, and a vote against our constitutional form of government. Those who will give up their freedom for safety are cowards. GO TO WWW.RALPHLOPEZWORLD.COM FOR CITIZEN'S INFO...


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