Thursday, March 16, 2006

Impeach-talk: Wipe the Smile off Republicans' Faces

"Republicans, worried that their base lacks motivation to turn out for the fall elections, have found a new rallying cry in the dreams of liberals about censuring or impeaching president Bush." -NY Times, Mar. 16, 2006

If Rush Limbaugh is correct about Democratic talk of impeachment being a "gift" to Republicans because of the "backlash" it might cause in the 2006 elections, then it is only because the Dems have done such a lousy, inarticulate job of hammering Bush on the national security. Or rather, his utter, criminal betrayal of it.

The spin is out from the Lame Democrat faction that impeachment calls might fire up the right-wing base. But their refusal to take-on Bush is the only reason he HAS a base AT ALL. In 2004, when John Kerry attacked Bush (too little too late) for allowing bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora, Republicans predictably warned that Kerry had crossed the line (like they always do when the truth makes the room a little too hot.) But at those moments Kerry's numbers ticked up, not down.

The mastery of the Right in doing politics is dazzling in contrast to the complete befuddlement of Democrats every time one of them stands up and does the right thing, like call for impeachment. They have the Democrats on the defensive again with the Dubai ports scandal barely off the front pages. Impeachment calls need the support of a swift and sustained thrashing of Bush on the national security, starting with the betrayal of CIA weapons of mass destruction specialist Valerie Plame.

Sure, fighting is tougher than just getting along and putting up just enough of an opposition to get you re-elected by the local party machine. You have to respond to Bush Faction bullshit every day (Valerie Plame was just an analyst and everyone knows who she was. Bullshit), and come up with your own war plan and talking points. You must be ready for the absolutely inevitable smears and attacks on your patriotism coming your way. But this national security stuff is kind of important. By leaving bin Laden in place to coordinate things, pumping up his legions of volunteers by attacking Iraq, and leaving ports, chemical plants and nukes all over the world unsecured, Bush has almost guaranteed another terror attack. Contrast this to our troops having secured Afghanistan and the Paki frontier IN FORCE by now, with Saddam still in charge of his dysfunctional, simmering powder keg of a nation, and a vast majority of Muslims still thinking America is the greatest and most righteous nation on earth, and loving what we stand for.

This is how we should have won the war on terror. Iraq will eventually disintegrate into 3 states no matter how many of our troops are killed there. Now we know why it took a thug like Hussein to keep it together. If the Democrats do not start doing the national security thing on Bush, and doing it hot and heavy, American blood will pay. There will be plenty of blame to go around.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

CIA is getting even with George Bush's son, the x Director of CIA, which got him into the White House and cost all the other employees jobs in politics.

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so they had to settle for going off and writing books!

1:17 PM  
Blogger Leonard Clark said...

Zombies of Hate
It is unbelievable that while we spend billions of dollars to prop up a theocratic and corrupt goverment thousands of miles away in Iraq (as an excuse to occupy the Middle East) that right now here in our own back yard human skeletons lay in the desert unfound as our illustrious politicians get their campaign moneys from the very corporations that caused these skeletons to be there in the first place.

I blame the illegal (but not immoral)immigrants no more for coming to this great nation than I would blame first grade children for becoming addicted to Heroin that a drug dealer (who stands across the street from their school)methodically sells to them every day.
The Republicans and some Democrats who are for this present immigration bill have become that drug dealer while they themselves have also become addicted to the money from corporations and the hate that can get them their votes.

They may argue from a legal standpoint, that they are only for enforcing the rule of law but they are not arguing from a moral one. They are acting immorally. And, Just as Martin Luther King broke "the law of men" to uphold "the much higher law of humanity for Mankind"
These poor illegal immigrants break "the law" but do not break the laws of humanity. Everyday, that this immigration problem is held up and not solved while people are dying in the desert our leaders must know that indirectly they are violating the laws of humanity.

And now, we see, most despicably some politicians such as John Shadegg and Jon Kyl pimping their drug of hate, fomenting the building anger between Anglo and Hispanic peoples in our beautiful country. Will it bother them once the race riots start and the killing begins? I pray to the Almighty that it does because if race riots and killings start then the evil Genie will be out of the bottle and who knows when and if it will ever be able to be put back in.

Like the Serbian, Croatian and African leaders of the last decade who used hate to begin their murderous ethnic cleansing some of our political leaders will become Nationalist leaders, who while provoking anger will have their egos stoked as they are propped up by the very people that they evinced that anger within, the very people that they turned into Zombies of hate.

Don't go after these immigrant children of GOD who have only come to our great country with no malice in their hearts and only to feed their families and find a better life. Go after the politicians who like drug dealers are addicting some of our fellow Americans to the wonderful sensation of hate in order to get themselves more votes.

Remember we can have a blood bath and a witch hunt in trying to extract these 11 million illegal (but not immoral) immigrants and put on a shameful show on for the world (as we lecture other countries about human rights)or we can show the world that we Americans will solve this serious immigration problem on our own continent with the humanity and magnanimity that our forefathers would be proud of.

America was the humane and civilized nation that could solve serious problems such as this immigration dilemma and we shall prove that we still are that great nation, that "great experiment" that can solve these dilemmas of mankind.
Fortunately, we the people of America are still humane and civilized as a nation because we are America.

We must show the world that Bush and his Neo-Cons no longer speak for us, for they are trying to change America with their race baiting by appealing to the hate in our hearts, not only is this unscrupulous and immoral it is UNAMERICAN.

We shall retake our nation one mind, one heart at a time and give it back to the principles that were outlined in the Declaration of Independence. That all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.

9:00 AM  

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