Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why Bush's Speech is Bullshit

Goddammit you've got to do everything for these guys. Here's what the Democrats' response should be:

"The president does not recognize the reality of what our presence in Iraq is doing to the world. It's not just about Iraq; it's about the entire Middle East, and the world, and that includes us.

"While the president is waiting for Hooterville in Baghdad, Sadr's Mahdi Army is getting the best training in the world and practicing its secret prison and torture chambers like the ones they just found. They have thorougly infiltrated the ranks of the Iraqi police and army, and are waiting only for the day the Americans stop taking bullets for them so they can have a little purge and become the Islamic regime the have always wanted, allied with Iran.

"In addition, the president's "staying the course" is sending shock waves of insurgency throughout the region, into Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Afghanistan, in the form of more frequent and more sophisticated attacks mimicking tactics perfected in Iraq. In Afghanistan, since September there have been at least nine suicide attacks showing unusual levels of coordination and knowledge of explosives.

"The time has come for the president to recognize this reality, and to recognize that our presence in Iraq is having a negative impact on the security of America, which is better served by focusing on its war against it true enemies, the fighters of Al Qaeda still controlling large regions of Aghanistan and the mountain regions of the border. The responsible course in Iraq is an orderly withdrawal to the over-the-horizon presence spoken of by our esteemed colleague, congressman Murtha. This would be accompanied by a rapid reaction force prepared to move in, in strength, should evidence of large-scale atrocities arise. We will ask the nations of the world to assist us in monitoring this.

We will assist the Iraqis in avoiding mass bloodshed as a consequence of ethnic and sectarian strife as they build their new democracy, which may recognize new geographic and political realities. Continuous peace efforts among the parties in Iraq will be brokered by the UN. And rather than place its energy into Jihad, the disaffected and the angry who would become America's enemies may show their true committment by participating in the greatest exercise in human creativity the world has ever seen, to show the world that they are indeed prepared to take control of their own destiny, minus one ruthless dictator which it is the gift of the United States to have removed." -by Polis


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