Sunday, November 13, 2005

"Spiro" Dick Cheney, More On...

I've been saying this for two years: the impeachment of Dubya leaves us with President Dick Cheney, hardly an improvement. So we take a page from the playbook that drummed Richard Nixon out of office. Remember? Nixon's VP was Spiro Agnew, whom no one wanted to be stuck with either. So they ran him out of town first, on tax evasion charges. The way was then clear to impeach Tricky Dick, who compared to Bush looks like a Great American. After all, even Nixon never accused his opponents of helping kill American troops. This is how we got Gerald Ford, the first vice president confirmed under the 25th Amendment, who then went on to become a mediocre but relatively benign president.

With the Libby indictment, Cheney is in even more immediate peril than Bush. The famed Washington Post article "The Profitable Connections Of Halliburton" states that: "During Cheney's tenure at Halliburton the company did business in all three countries [Iraq, Iran, Libya.] In the case of Iraq, Halliburton legally evaded U.S. sanctions by conducting its oilservice business through foreign subsidiaries that had once been owned by Dresser."

It's all in my new book. If the Dems with their new "spine" ever decide to uncork Dresser Industries, Cheney is gone. The question for impatient Americans is why he wasn't gone long ago.


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