Monday, October 03, 2005

Libby Implicates Cheney...Al Qaeda Calls Iraq a "Blessing," Again!

New York Times October 1, 2005: "[Scooter Libby's lawyer said] a blanket form waiver Mr. Libby signed at the request of investigators in January 2004 had been "coerced and had been required as a condition for employment at the White House." Reprinted here in Mikey Moore's website.

Let's see now. Libby is Dick Cheney's chief of staff so he's the highest guy in the office except Darth Vader himself. The only guy who could "require" Libby to do anything, under threat of firing, is Vader. Democrats play dead, nothing to see here move along. Just the sort of thing that inspired the title of my book, "The Elephant in the Room" NOW AT AMAZON.COM! Elephant? What elephant, boys? I don't see no elephant.

And if you didn't know Bush blew it before...

Appeasement? What appeasement? I want to put 100,000 guys in Afghanistan and the Paki tribal areas and stomp those mountians to death until they come up with bin Laden, the guy who attacked us. Now a letter from Zawahiri, captured by accident in Iraq, shows they loved the attack on Iraq which prevents us from doing just that:
"I want to be the first to congratulate you for what God has blessed you with in terms of fighting in the heart of the Islamic world, which was formerly the field for major battles in Islam's history..."
That was in today's Washington Post (reprint here.). What the psuedo-patriot flag-waver meat-heads don't understand is that when we invaded Iraq, we DID appease bin Laden. This is not news to anyone who has read Mikey Scheuer's "Imperial Hubris." The top Al Qaeda expert in the CIA for 20 years also says bin Laden was grateful. Zawahiri wrote in late 2003:

"We thank God for appeasing us with the dilemma in Iraq after Afghanistan. The Americans are facing a delicate situation in both countries. If they withdraw they will lose everything and if they stay, they will continue to bleed to death."

This is all in my book. Buy it so I have beer money! Come on, guys, say on the radio you read it at Polis!


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How about some Cheers for the Nobel Peace Prize award to the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency this past Friday? Diplomacy not War is due in the U.S. - yes? Yes.!

11:17 AM  
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