Thursday, August 25, 2005

"The Nation" Starts to Get it

In its staid grey pages the Most Self-Important Magazine That Nobody Reads is feeling a pulse through it's grey tweed coat, like a stirring in the groin of an old man recalling headier days of battle. Two articles zero in on The Problem: lazy, scared, or greedy Democrats like the ones now letting the Rove Affair die. Prosecutor Fitzgerald will issue his report saying somethin' wrong was done but we don't know what, it doesn't fit the letter of the Covert Agents Act, so awe shucks we'd really like to do somethin' to this Rover feller but we got nothing on him. And that will be that.

And the Dems will shrug and tell us, "hey, what daya want from me?" How about some spine.

ARTICLE III, section 3 of the US Constitution states that a citizen only need either have provided "aid and comfort" to our enemies or levied war against the United States. Nothing about whether you intended to or not, as the Covert Agents Act stipulates. Blowing up part of our WMD safety shield, - the real one, human intelligence (HUMINT)- not Star Wars, certainly aids Al Qaeda. No more legal finesse is required to set Rove swinging from the highest tree. Tell your congressmen you will hold them PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for a WMD attack on the US, if it turns out the bomb slipped in through Plame's area of responsibility, and Rove didn't pay. Democrats sitting with their thumbs up their asses is getting deadly. No one will talk to us now if they know deep cover is a joke in America.


Those Nation articles:

Alex Cockburn, "The "Stricken" President":
"Does Roberts face a gauntlet of ferocious interrogatories from Democrat senators? Hardly. The Democratic challenge to Roberts, such as it is, has mostly devolved into a pillow fight with the White House over the availability of records...Remember Clinton's tactics in the NAFTA and WTO fights? But where was the arm-twisting to keep those 15 pro-CAFTA Democrats in line?"

Ari Berman, "The Strategic Class":
[UN ambassador Richard] Holbrooke, frequently mentioned as a potential Secretary of State, urged Kerry to keep his vision on Iraq "deliberately vague,"...

Naomi Klein, "Terror's Greatest Recruitment Tool":
Hussain Osman, one of the men alleged to have participated in London's failed bombings on July 21, recently told Italian investigators that they prepared for the attacks by watching "films on the war in Iraq," La Repubblica reported. "Especially those where women and children were being killed and exterminated by British and American soldiers...of widows, mothers and daughters that cry...


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