Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rove Does Another Dan Rather,

About the picture link in post below this one, "Who is this woman?": Ok none of you guys got it. That's Valerie Plame. You'll be hearing a hell of a lot more about her in my new book.

Damn that Karl Rover is good. You know Afghanistan is being held together by scotch tape, the guerrillas were just waiting for the winter to be over to unleash hell, so you make it look like the shit-storm is all the "Liberal Media's" fault. Beautiful. This has nothing to do with Abu Ghraib or Afghan government troops firing into crowds. Newsweek did it. That takes the heat off Bush for having 100,000 troops in Iraq instead of stabilizing Afghanistan. Mike Sheuer, in "Imperial Hubris," called it right down the line. We're going to get our asses kicked in Afghanistan because Bush couldn't wait to whack No-WMD Saddam.

Randi Rhodes on Air America Radio
is doing an especially good job of detailing how this Koran-flushing thing is old news. Exactly like the Dan Rather Bush-skipped-out-on National-Guard memo: there are tons of other corroborating sources, but the focus is on the false one. And the timing is just right.

My new book's website is slated to premier next week. It looks like some of you guys must be finding the new petition, so friggin sign it already, don't be shy. Please. Here is the petition's discussion board. There are other fine petitions like this - SIGN THEM ALL! - but the key words here are in 2005, meaning, by the end of it. This gives the politicians a fast but logistically realistic timeline. Our guys are stuck in the middle of a civil war, and it will never get better. They will only keep dying. How the politicians get us out of it is their goddamn problem. It's that simple.

Who said the following?

"A book is now more important than a weapon."

Hint: he is the inventor of a famous gun. Another chance at a free copy of my new book.

Tonight's CCTV show notes, Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan


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