Friday, July 28, 2006

Apocalypse Now

Now that the Middle East is blowing itself all to hell thanks to George's Excellent Adventure in Iraq, the Christo-fascists, our equivalent of Islamo-fascists, are all a-twitter that the Rapture is a-comin'. Folks in Coastapedia don't know what's going on out there.

While I was waiting for a flight in a Dallas airport restaurant some weeks ago, a few obnoxious waitresses with what seemed to be a combined IQ of 140 all hurried to the C-Span screen breathless and excited anytime the Middle East came on. They didn't seem the type to take an interest in international affairs otherwise (not because they were waitresses; because they were dumb and their manners gave them away. One kept looking over at me pointedly whenever she said to a customer at another table: "Can I get you anything ELSE, sir?" If you want to work at a place where people don't sit for long periods of time over a muffin and a cup of coffee, don't work at an airport. They're waiting for a flight, and that's the only thing that gets them into your overpriced dump in the first place.)

Then it dawned on me: these people are LIKING this stuff.

Confirming my suspicion, Bible Belt radio was gushing with talk of Ezekial and Daniel and the connnections made in certain verses between Syria and Iran. I can report that on the road between Artesia and Mescalero, I heard one AM Holy Roller say we should "rejoice" in the events. Some people are selling their possesions. I haven't decided what it means to the big picture, but the most powerful and influential part of Bush's base loving this shit can't be good.

That would be the Ralph Reed-Pat Robertson wing of the Protestant religion, much to the chagrin of the many kind-hearted, true-spirited believers who make up the rest of Christianity. The Bush Base which turns out at elections is among the most twisted corruptions of a good religion that the world has ever seen. In a hundred years people will still wonder how teachings of "love one another" were once contorted to the conclusion that Jesus would have bombed Iraq.

So let's cut right to the chase: it's clear by the Hannity-Bill O'Reilly Ministry of Propaganda that we are fixing to bomb Iran, a country that was never our enemy until the CIA overthrew its democratically-elected president in 1953. Even then, Iranians, by and large, did not blame the American people but the American government. The foreign policy of which, a case can be made, had been hijacked by "Mad Dog" John Foster Dulles, secretary of state, and his brother Allen. Dulles ordered the overthrow of president Mohammed Mossadeq despite the fact that his boss, Dwight Eisenhower, liked the guy, and once said he would like to give Mossadeq "ten million bucks." Back then, though, anyone who did a stupid thing like nationalize their own oil, to keep it from getting stolen by foreigners, was in for a bad end.

If you really want to understand 9/11, you start with Stephen Kinzer's "All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror" (2004.) I thought I understood Middle East politics, but I really didn't until I read this book.

Iran has promised to unleash 40,000 suicide bombers against us if attacked, as it has every right to. It's funny how Americans are offended if a country doesn't hold still while we bomb it. You're not playing FAIR! Now HOLD STILL!

The doctrine of asymmetrical warfare says that, when an enemy is coming at you with tanks and F-16's against your rubber sandals and rocket launchers, you hit back any way you can. We have been matching Apache helicopters and A-10 Warthogs against slingshots and AK-47s for so long, it's a wonder there are any Jihadis left to fight.

Now, 50 years after the Europeans gave away a chunk of land that didn't belong to them in order to satisfy a debt that did, we're facing waves of fanatics who've stood about as much humiliation as they can stand. Call me naive, but I always wonder, why isn't Israel smack in the middle of Berlin? I always thought it was the losing side that had its cities razed and its lands carved up, ever since the Edamites slew all the Hippotites who slew all the Batamites ad infinitum. How did we get from Germany losing the war, to Israel being on land that has been Arab since before the Ottoman Empire? I know about the Covenant, but I'll get with that when you throw all the white Americans from Texas-to-California out of their houses and give it back to the Spanish, or better yet, when we ALL have to give it back to the Indians, which, judging by what we've done to the environment, might not be a bad idea.

The endgame of Bush's Permanent War is pretty clear. Generate enough terrorist attacks to suspend the Constitution, so that military force can be used to defend new Green Zones in America, lush islands of Halliburton money made the dirty way on one side, with the rest of us on the other, including the poor slobs who believed they'd be raptured right out of it all.

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